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Nettleton to Lincolnshire Highest Point via Nettleton Top Road

Nettleton to Lincolnshire Highest Point via Nettleton Top Road


Anywhere on Nettleton High Street which is just off the A46 Lincoln to Grimsby road at the Salutation Inn at the foot of Caistor Hill. The easiest parking is almost opposite the Inn on the High Street.


8 km    About 2 – 3 hours


No obvious peaks as such but the trig point marking the highest point in Lincolnshire is at TF 121 965 and an altitude of 168 m.

Explorer 282: Lincolnshire Wolds North.     OS 113: Grimsby.


No one would claim that any part of Lincolnshire is mountainous but walks on its gentle rolling hills are enjoyed by many so here is one which goes to the highest point in the county. The outward route uses much of the Viking Way which is quite easy to follow but often boggy and, sometimes, very boggy.


(1) Walk up the High Street, away from the main road. Go past the church and reach a T junction. Go right as if heading for Claxby (signed). After about another 400 m, look for a lane forking off left. This is the Viking Way and there is a small sign on the right hand lamp post on the road. Follow the lane until directed off to the left onto a path which essentially follows Nettleton Beck for about 3 km to its source. Go past the buildings and a large duck pond. There are signs, gates and bridges. If in doubt, stay in the valley bottom, keeping the beck on your right. After about 1.5 km, a gradual ascent leads up to a track. Turn left then almost immediately right onto a muddy track which leads to some old mine workings which seem to be closed off tunnel openings. Continue, still following the beck, until the path finally climbs out of the shallow valley to reach a bridleway by a gate near Acre House (off to the right). From the gate, walk E, away from Acre House, to the telegraph pole opposite the second hedge going S. This hedge leads directly to the trig point but access is blocked by a locked gate so continue, along the bridleway, to the next gate. Just after this, there is a gap in th ehedge on the right which gives easier access. Walk up the side of the hedge opposite the telegraph pole, keeping off any crops and staying close to the edge on a fairly wide grassy verge. The route ascends gently for just over 400 m to reach the trig point which is the highest point in Lincolnshire but sits by a hedge in a field of crops. The radar station “golf ball” will be visible about 1 km to the SE.

(2) Retrace to the bridleway near Acre House and follow it W, past Acre House to the road. Turn right, N, and follow the road for 3 km back to Nettleton. There are good views W from this road which is normally fairly quiet with good verges.


(a) This walk took place on 17th January, 2016.

(b) There are paths, not on the map, on the W of the road back to Nettleton, which are closer to the edge and would offer better views. These will be investigated at a later date.

(c) Those who simply wish to visit the highest point and no more, should drive up the Claxby road from Nettleton as far as Acre House from where it is less than 1 km to the trig point. Alternatively, drive to golf ball/radar station and walk in from there (see route from Rothwell) which is only about 0.5 km.

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